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3 Reasons You Should Regularly Clean Your Drains

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When is the last time you had a plumber come in and clean out your drains? If you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, then you may want to call us here at Plumbing Connection. We have been serving the residents of North Carolina for over 25 years, and know a thing or two about how to ensure your pipes last as long as possible. If you have not been regularly cleaning out your drains, now is the time to start.

You Can Prevent Emergency Plumbing Situations with Drain Cleaning

When you regularly clean out your drains, it can go a long way towards preventing plumbing emergencies. The last thing you want is to go to make dinner one night and have the sink not drain. It could also show up as a dishwasher not able to drain or water flooding up the bathtub when you go to take a shower. If your drains are clean, these emergencies are far less likely to ever happen!

Drain Cleaning Keeps Your Drains Odor-Free

Not that we recommend that you stick your nose down by your drains, but if you have a stinky drain, you know it. By getting annual drain cleaning, you no longer have to worry about that smell. Instead, your water will flow as it should and there will be no lingering odors left behind.

It Helps Your Pipes Last Longer When Done Annually

Anything that is stuck in your drains, is also likely stuck to the insides of your pipes. By cleaning your drains, you can get a good idea of what is going down your pipes. If the drains are regularly cleaned, you will have a better idea of the condition of your pipes, preventing them from buildup and breakdown from too much debris sitting in them long-term.

Now that you understand the importance of drain cleaning, call the experienced crew here at Plumbing Connection. We will come out and ensure that your drains are working as efficiently as possible. Plus, we will also let you know if we spot any signs of future plumbing problems while we are already at your property! Contact us for more information today!

Plumbing Connection North Carolina
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