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You might recognize the telltale signs of hard after in your home. Appliances break, hair and skin are dry, and your bathroom and kitchen develop a soapy scum. Pipes develop a hard scale when you have hard water, and these effects are more pronounced with hot water because the scale on your water heater’s heating element heats up and the tank expands. This is all due to the mineral content of your water. If you have hard water, you can install a water filtration system in Belmont, NC to reduce the damage done by the hard water, ultimately extending the life of your appliances and faucets.

This relies on ion exchange to remove minerals from your water before that water is used by appliances or collected. Because these systems can last for 20 years with minimal water filtration services in Belmont, NC, they are well worth the price.

A water softener system in Belmont, NC requires three components: mineral tank, control valve, and brine tank. Hard water flows through the mineral tank filled with resin beads, leaving calcium and other minerals. The now-softened water exits the tank to be used by appliances.

The control value keeps the system working efficiently. As water moves through the tank, the resin loses charge, and the valve starts a regeneration cycle. The control valve is programmed when you install water conditioning in Belmont, NC based on your household size and water hardness,

Regeneration is completed via a smaller brine tank adds a concentrated salt solution to return the resin beads to their most efficient state. A plumber in Belmont, NC, from our team, can instruct you how to add a salt block or pellets to the brine tank to create a concentrated solution.

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