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Clogged plumbing is not a joking matter. Backed up sewage lines are unsanitary and can result in costly property damage. Hydro jetting is a fast and successful solution that will restore your sewer lines to perfect working order. At Plumbing Connection, we offer this environmentally friendly option for drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC.

Hydro jetting involves inserting a nozzle into your clogged pipes and then shooting a high-pressure jet of water at the clog. The intense water pressures breaks up the clog, allowing it to move through the pipe, leaving your pipes and sewer lines in perfect condition.

When it comes to a blocked pipe or clogged drain in Charlotte, NC, hydro jetting is often the perfect solution. There are many benefits to this type of drain cleaning.

Other forms of drain snaking in Charlotte, NC, break up the clog but leave a great deal of residue in the pipes. This residue will eventually create another clog, forcing you to repeat the process all over again. Hydro jetting removes everything from the pipe, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly working plumbing system that doesn’t clog shortly after the plumber leaves.

Hydro jetting doesn’t just remove clogs from your drains and pipes, it also eliminates the dangerous bacteria that makes itself at home in dark, damp places. Knowing your pipes are free of bacteria means you don’t have to worry about if that bacteria is negatively impacting your health.

Since the amount of labor and equipment needed for hydro jetting is minimal, this is a popular service from our drain cleaning company in Charlotte, NC. Not only is the hydro jetting service inexpensive, but it also cleans the pipes so well that you’ll use fewer drain cleaners and clog busters.

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