Burst Water Heater: The Main Causes

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Scheduling regular maintenance and prompt water heater repair in Belmont, NC will help keep your water heater in great condition. That said, regardless of how well you care for your heater, you may still experience problems that can cause your water heater to burst. Plumbing Connection discusses some of the main causes of burst water heaters below:

1.  Accumulation of Sediments

Sediment buildup isn’t a problem with new water heater installation, but as time goes by, minerals from hard water accumulate and get deposited at the bottom of your water heater. Consequently, these sediments form an insulation layer that hinders the heating element from heating water properly. This forces the heating element to release more heat, which may cause overheating.

Too much buildup of these sediments will cause your water heater to start making a popping sound. When this happens, get in touch with an expert in water heater services to have the problem fixed.

2.  Rust and Corrosion

Often, most water heater tanks are made of steel which can get corroded by rust. Although these tanks have a sacrificial anode rod that prevents corrosion by rust, the rods themselves deteriorate over time. Eventually, your corroded water heater tank will burst. If you are looking for a replacement, we recommend investing in a tankless water heater to avoid rust problems later on.

3.  Too Much Internal Pressure

When excessive pressure accumulates within your water heater, in the end, it will burst. Although water heaters come with a pressure relief valve, as time goes by, the internal pressure that builds up can cause damage.

Carrying out water heater replacement after your water heater ruptures can be costly. Knowing the different reasons why your unit may burst and how you can prevent them will help you avoid expensive repairs.

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