Common Issues That Affect Water Filtration Systems

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Common Issues That Affect Water Filtration Systems

If your home has hard water, you would benefit from a quality water filtration system in Gastonia, NC from Plumbing Connection. As the name suggests, a water filtration system filters out any impurities and excess minerals in your water to avoid problems associated with both. That said, water filtration systems are not immune to problems and should be properly maintained. We discuss some common issues you may encounter below:

1.  Soiled Filters

A dirty filter is a common issue affecting water filtration systems. A solid filter allows heavy metals and harmful chemicals to get into contact with drinking water. We have a plumber in Gastonia, NC, who can help you clean, reinsert or replace your dirty filter as a form of maintenance. You will be able to enjoy pure and uncontaminated water after our experts get your filters adequately maintained.

2.  Mold Development

Mold spores grow and thrive when they get exposed to water. The growth can only stop once you take a step to eliminate the mold. Our water treatment services help you clean and eliminate any mold growth and set you free from any sickness and allergies.

3.  Clogging Of the Aerator

If you have scheduled water filtration services, it’s important to include the aerator as part of your maintenance. Clogs originate from the accumulation of sediments on the filter that block the aerator. In turn, it causes water to stop coming out of the faucet. Consequently, an increase in water pressure occurs in the fixtures and pipes. Water pressure may, in turn, cause the pipes to burst.

Bacteria can also build up around the filters and lead to a variety of health issues. When you invest in a water conditioning system, be sure to provide the proper maintenance and care to ensure that your unit stays in great condition.

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