Common Misconceptions About CIPP Lining

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CIPP Lining

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining is a method of trenchless pipe repair that provides a cost-effective, timely, and less labor-intensive solution to most sewer issues. Our experts at Plumbing Connection prefer this method to the conventional ways of carrying out plumbing repairs. However, common misconceptions about CIPP lining have caused many homeowners to doubt it. We are here to debunk some of them.

CIPP Is Expensive

When our clients hear about CIPP, they immediately assume that it will be expensive. However, what makes CIPP a money-saving option is that it requires less labor, can be completed in a matter of hours and not days, and requires less equipment. When you hire a plumber in Charlotte, NC, to fix your broken pipes using the traditional method, you will have to pay extra for labor services, excavation, and generally repairing your landscape.

CIPP Requires No Digging

Media advertisements have painted CIPP as a no-dig method. This is not entirely true. When carrying out emergency plumbing repairs using CIPP, two holes must be dug where the pipes start and end. However, CIPP is less disruptive than the traditional method.

CIPP is a New Technology

CIPP has gained popularity only recently, and this has caused most homeowners to believe that it is a relatively new invention. As a matter of fact, CIPP has been around for decades, and our plumbing company has experts who know how to handle the job. While this technology might sound new to you, it is not new to us. You can trust that we will bring professionalism to your pipeline repairs.

Plumbing Connection has been serving its customers for over two decades. When you need reliable plumbing services or if you have more questions about CIPP lining, feel free to contact us. Schedule an appointment with our professional team today.

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