Common Misconceptions About Water Filtration Systems

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Common Misconceptions About Water Filtration Systems

If there’s one thing hindering property owners from getting their very own water filtration system in Gastonia, NC, it’s most likely the misconceptions about these filtration systems. Plumbing Connection has been providing the community with high-quality water filtration, and our satisfaction rates have never dipped.

If you’re considering a water filtration system for your home or business, let our water conditioning experts help you by dispelling the most prevalent myths about water filtration.

Water Filters Are High Maintenance

Most water filter cartridges are designed to last at least six months before being replaced. While changing filters twice a year hardly qualifies as high-maintenance, our plumber will be more than happy to take this upkeep task off your hands so you can focus on other important matters.

You Don’t Need Experts to Install Them

A water softener system requires professional installation. Sure, you could buy water softeners from your local hardware store or even off the internet, but filters require professional skills to install. A good example is commercial filtration systems that are more complex and therefore would require a high level of skill.

Water Softeners Are Enough

A water softener system has a similar installation process to many water filters but exclusively handles water hardness issues. Hard water could be hazardous to water pipes, so water conditioning is crucial. However, these treatment systems won’t protect you against chlorine or other contaminants in your tap water. If water hardness is your sole issue, a water softener is a smart option.

If there is any other issue with your water, consider asking for help from our water treatment services specialists.

They Are Costly

Although certain water filter models are more expensive than others, most water filters are affordable. The price varies depending on the type or brand of water filter you choose, as well as whether you buy a countertop water filter or a water filter tap. However, a high price may not always imply superior quality. But if you choose to work with a reputable company like Plumbing Connection, you can rest assured that water filtration services won’t cost a fortune.

There are various misconceptions about water filters. So whenever in doubt, Gastonia, NC residents can always consult Plumbing Connection. Call us today.

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