Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

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Plumbing Connection advises you to brace your plumbing system for the colder weather ahead. Taking a few extra precautions will go a long way towards avoiding problems. Here are some of the most common winter plumbing issues.

Frozen Pipes

During the winter, it’s definitely not uncommon for outdoor temperatures to drop below freezing. This increases the chances of your pipes freezing. A burst pipe will ultimately require emergency plumbing. To help prevent trouble, be sure to have your pipes properly insulated. The extra layer of protection is well worth it.

Clogged Drain

Many people enjoy celebrating the holiday season at home with their friends and family. However, extra guests increase the likelihood of a clogged drain. It’s a good idea to have your drains professionally cleaned by a plumber in Charlotte, NC, from our team. Over time, a lot of gunk can collect inside your pipes. In addition, install strainers over your bathroom and kitchen drains.

Malfunctioning Water Heater

The cold weather can impact the performance of your water heater. It may take a tad longer to heat up the colder water. The bad news is that the extra workload can cause an older unit to fail. If your water heater has started to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to call our local plumbing company. Traditional storage tank water heaters typically last between 10 and 15 years.


Leaks tend can occur at any time of the year, including the winter. Not only can leaks cause water damage, but they also tend to increase your monthly utility bills. The growth of mold is yet another big concern. If you suspect a leak, contact our team for plumbing repairs as soon as possible. We will be able to track down and repair the leak.

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