Common Water Filtration System Issues

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The purpose of a water filtration system in Charlotte, NC, is to provide clean, pure, uncontaminated water to our homes for cooking, laundry, showering, and more. Like any mechanical system, however, problems can arise even with a high-end water filtration system. If these problems require water treatment services in Charlotte, NC, Plumbing Connection is just a phone call away. Our factory-trained and certified water treatment pros are here to help with all your filtration system needs.

A majority of issues with water filtration systems are related to the cartridges or filters. Cartridges have to be changed at regular intervals to keep your water clean. A cartridge that is past due for changing can become clogged or can simply become so full that it is unable to filter out contaminants properly. In the case of a water softener system in Charlotte, NC, the straining medium may have to be changed periodically as it becomes saturated or used up. Failure to change the cartridges or filtration medium can lead to clogs and dirty water.

If there is a change in the quality of the water in your city or town, this also can affect the water that comes into your home. The presence of cloudiness in the water or a strange taste or smell are indications that there is a new contaminant in the water that your existing filter cannot handle. A qualified plumber in Charlotte, NC, from Plumbing Connection can either change your existing filters or, if necessary, recommend additional cartridges designed to filter out the new contaminants.

Changes in water pressure can also be an indication that your cartridges need changing. As filters age, they become saturated with particles from the water. If they are not changed regularly, this saturation can become excessive and can begin to reduce the flow speed and strength of the water. Regularly-scheduled water filtration services in Charlotte, NC, can help to prevent this occurrence or even reverse the problem if it already exists.

Drainage issues can also crop up with filtration systems. In reverse osmosis systems, a drop in water pressure can cause the system to drain. Problems with the valves not sending the malfunctioning signals properly can cause drainage as well. An expert from our team can install a pressure pump or repair or replace valves to remedy these issues and get your clean water flowing properly again.

A system that performs only water conditioning in Charlotte, NC, does not remove minerals like a softener; it merely alters the minerals, lowering but not eliminating scale and buildup. However, water conditioners can also address the presence of biological material such as algae and bacteria in the water. With these systems, failure to perform regular maintenance, change filters, add or replace filtration medium, or verify the condition of the elements can cause problems with the cleanliness of your water.

Whatever type of system you have in your home, the experienced pros at Plumbing Connection are here to provide high-quality water filtration services in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call to schedule a visit with one of our trained and certified filtration system techs today.

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