Drain Cleaning Facts You Need to Know

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Drain Cleaning Facts You Need to Know

In the plumbing business, few things (if any at all) can beat experience. And with almost three decades in the industry, Plumbing Connection has certainly cemented ourselves as pioneers in plumbing. We’ve seen our fair share of plumbing problems—ones we’ve solved with unwavering resolve. And that’s precisely why we are considered the premier drain cleaning company in McAdenville, NC!

Here, we share some drain cleaning facts that every homeowner must know.

Drain Cleaning is a Routine Maintenance Practice

Routine drain cleaning is a must; this helps maintain the performance of your lines since it eliminates build-ups and grime accumulation. It also gives you room to detect clogs before they escalate to worse problems. Always schedule a drain cleaning routine and strictly adhere to it.

Drain Snakes are Good, But One Should Rely on Professional Drain Snakes

Drain snaking is a tried and tested drain cleaning method. It involves inserting a drain snake into an affected drain which you physically turn so that it works its way down the drain. This action gets rid of impurities that could eventually block the drain.

t gets rid of debris the plunger could hardly remove. To maintain healthy drains, you are advised to rely on professionals and use professionally approved drain snakes. There have been scenarios where a client ends up damaging their drains, so beware!

Hydro-jetting is the Most Effective Drain Cleaning Method

Of the numerous drain cleaning services available, hydro-jetting is one of the most popular methods. It involves the channeling of high-pressured water into the drains. It is a safe method as it only uses water pressure powerful enough to unclog drains but not so much that it can damage pipes.

As the premier plumber in McAdenville, NC, we always stress the importance of knowing some basic plumbing facts. They can keep your drains clog-free. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us

for drain cleaning services you can depend on. Schedule an appointment with our team today!

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