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Whether you’re hunkering down for the holidays at home or inviting guests to join you, now is the time to start doing some home maintenance. Drain maintenance is especially important during the holidays. Follow these tips from our experienced plumber in Charlotte, NC, to keep your drains running well during the holiday season.

Use a Kitchen Sink Strainer

When washing produce or preparing meat to roast, have a strainer in the sink drain. It catches a lot of debris and stops it from going down the drain. This is also a good time to schedule professional drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC.

Get a Hair Catcher

Put a hair catcher in the bathtub and shower drains. These devices are made of silicone or metal mesh. They stay over the opening of the drain and trap a lot of shed hair, soap pieces and other debris. Without one, you’ll need more frequent drain cleaning services to clear out the hair and organic matter from the drains.

Prevent a Drain Clog

Place a waste basket in each bathroom. Inform guests on what not to flush down the toilet or rinse down the sink. If you do end up with a clogged drain, contact us before trying any home remedies.

Schedule Preventive Cleaning

Now is a good time for drain snaking. This service clears buildup out of your drains. You won’t have to worry about a backup when running laundry. This maintenance step can help keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Our drain cleaning company is ready to keep your plumbing system running smoothly for the holidays. Be sure to follow safe plumbing guidelines, including not flushing pills, plastics or packaging down any drains.

We’re always on standby in case you encounter an urgent plumbing problem this holiday. Call Plumbing Connection today to schedule any of our services.

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