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As a homeowner, it’s important that you care for and maintain the different parts of your home, including the plumbing system. Your plumbing is crucial for several day-to-day chores such as washing dishes, doing the laundry, and showering. Most homeowners, however, forego drain cleaning in Belmont, NC until they experience a serious plumbing issue. Plumbing Connection shares a few tips on maintaining your plumbing below:

1.  Invest in regular drain cleaning

Regular drain cleaning will help prevent clogs from forming in your pipes over time. Disposing of grease and other food items down the drain can lead to a build up that slows down and eventually completely blocks the flow of water in your pipes. Having your plumbing system cleaned at regular intervals by a professional drain cleaning company will ensure that you don’t encounter this issue in the future.

2.  Avoid flushing garbage down the toilet

Only human waste and tissue paper should be flushed down the toilet. Items such as diapers, tampons, kitty litter, and other hygiene products can clog your pipes and wreak havoc on your sewer system. If any of these items have already blocked your sewer system, be sure to contact your local plumbing company for drain snaking or hydro jetting.

3.  Hire a professional to inspect your drainage system

If you want to get peace of mind that your plumbing is in the proper condition, have a plumber in Belmont, NC inspect your pipes regularly. This inspection is especially necessary if you have trees surrounding your home. Doing so will allow you to stay on top of plumbing issues and prevent emergency problems.

4.  Reduce water pressure

High water pressure strains your pipes, valves, and joints and could result in a leak. Get a water-pressure gauge from your local store, and if you notice the pressure is too high, seek professional drain cleaning services to have a regulator installed.

Plumbing system issues can happen at any time of the year. That’s why it’s essential to use the provided tips and use your drain responsibly every day. If you are experiencing a clogged drain, contact Plumbing Connection right away. We offer quality plumbing services that effectively and promptly solve all your plumbing issues.

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