Getting Your Heater Ready For the Cold Months Ahead

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Getting Your Heater Ready For the Cold Months Ahead

The water heater becomes a necessity during the cold months. As temperatures steadily drop, everyone starts to depend more on their heaters for their hygienic needs. To prepare your water heater for the cold months ahead, here are things that Plumbing Connection recommends doing.

Change the Old Water Filters

One key aspect of every seasonal water heater repair in Charlotte, NC, is a change of water filters. Water filters have a short lifespan. When damaged, they expose your heating system to minerals and debris accumulation, which could further compromise the system over time. It’s advisable to replace the filters often to keep your water heater functional for much longer.

Drain and Clean the Water Tank

Mineral deposits and sediment in the water heater tank can cause serious problems to the system. It could make it work more, waste energy, and develop premature failure. Enlisting the aid of a seasoned plumber in Charlotte, NC, can help clean all the sediments and mineral deposits that may affect the heater’s efficiency.

Check the Water Exhausts and Intakes

Check exhausts and vents to your water heater. Also, have anything blocking CO2 exhaust and oxygen intake cleaned. When oxygen doesn’t flow smoothly into the heater or CO2 doesn’t flow out well, the system will face functionality issues. Water heater replacement professionals can attend to the cleaning of blocked vents and exhausts as well as the replacement of damaged ones.

Install Tankless Water Heater

If you have an old and worn-out tanked water heating unit, consider replacing it with a new tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are among the most advisable ways to get a steady source of hot water while keeping heating bills low.

The arrival of the cold months ahead comes with increased demand for hot water. To prepare your heater, call us or fill out our contact form today. Plumbing Connection has all your water heater installation and repair needs covered!

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