How Clogging Leads to a Sewer Backup

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A typical drain system is designed to prevent clogging. With lack of proper maintenance, however, clogs may form in your sewer lines. And when it happens, you will hear bubbling or gurgling noise followed by the backup of waste and debris. Plumbing Connection, experts in drain cleaning in McAdenville, NC, has the following explanation for why clogging leads to a sewer line backup.

Flushing Solid Items

One of the main reasons for a clogged drain and eventual backup is flushing things down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed. While most toilet paper materials are designed to break down easily, items such as napkins, hygiene products and wipes don’t, creating a blockage. As the clog is pushed deeper and deeper into the sewer line by water pressure, it could lead to a sewer backup.

Scheduling regular drain snaking and hydro jetting services will help prevent large blockages from forming in your pipes. Try to avoid DIY methods of drain cleaning, as you may end up damaging your pipes further.

Tree Intruding Sewer Lines

Tree root intrusions in your sewer line is another cause of sewer backup. When roots spread or burrow deep into the ground, they tend to break sewer laterals while looking for water and nutrients. The roots continue to extend inside the pipes until a backup is created. Professional hydro jetting and drain cleaning services can get rid of the tree roots in your pipe.

Grease and Hair Clogging

Grease, hair, and debris accidentally or deliberately caught in the pipeline can lead to clogging and sewer backup. A single clog is easy to remove, but a recurring clog is an indication that the sewer line is in trouble. A professional plumber in McAdenville, NC can provide you with services for diagnosing and rectifying severe clogs and backups that go beyond quick-fix alternatives.

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