How Often Do You Need Drain Cleaning Services?

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How Often Do You Need Drain Cleaning Services?

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their drains and plumbing system until something goes wrong. However, by the time there are evident signs of an issue, the problem has likely persisted for a while and has already started damaging your system. Plumbing Connection, a trusted drain cleaning company in Belmont, NC, recommends scheduling regular drain cleaning services to keep your drains running smoothly. Here’s when you need drain cleaning:

As Part of Preventive Maintenance

Drain cleaning should be done frequently as part of your home’s maintenance routine. This is to prevent issues like a clogged drain, leaking pipe, and sewer backup. Regular drain cleaning helps get rid of any buildup or blockages inside your drains, allowing the water to drain smoothly.

Before Selling You Home

Scheduling drain cleaning services before selling your home is a great way to catch any hidden clogs and problems. Prospective buyers will have the home’s plumbing system tested before purchasing, and if they find any issues, the transaction may fall through.

To Deal With Tree Roots

Tree roots make their way into your pipes in search of water and nutrients. They enter your sewer system through small cracks and leaks in the pipes, and over time, can create a serious blockage that completely stops the flow of water in your drains. Fortunately, dealing with tree roots is easy with professional drain cleaning in Belmont, NC.

We use a drain cleaning method called hydro jetting to blast away any tree roots or blockages in your pipes. This is an eco-friendly way to clear pipes without damaging their interior. Aside from hydro jetting, we also provide drain snaking, an effective solution to hair and debris buildup in your drains.

Keep drains flowing smoothly with regular drain cleaning and prompt repairs. At Plumbing Connection, we provide quality drain cleaning services that you can count on. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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