How to Keep Grease Traps in Optimal Condition

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A grease trap is designed to keep grease and various solids out of your wastewater disposal system. If this device isn’t doing its job, you may find yourself in need of a plumber in McAdenville, NC, from Plumbing Connection. While we’re always glad to help, we also think it’s a good idea to take the steps discussed below to keep a grease trap in optimal condition.

Scrape Plates

A few simple things can prevent a clogged drain in McAdenville, NC, and related grease trap issues. One of these things is to get into the habit of thoroughly scraping plates before washing them. Doing so prevents excess fats, greases, and food particles from getting into traps and drains.

Quickly Clean Up Spills

Spills can quickly and easily happen in a busy commercial kitchen. Reduce the risk of grease and other oils getting into your grease traps by cleaning up spills ASAP. But don’t mop greasy spills into floor drains. Instead, use disposal paper towels or rags that will be properly soaked and washed. Next, get in touch with our team for drain cleaning services in McAdenville, NC.

Be Mindful of Water Temperatures

For times when you’ll pour boiling water down the drain, make sure it’s below 144 degrees Fahrenheit. If water is hotter than this, grease and fats will melt and solidify later, which can affect your drains and sewer lines.

Post ‘No Grease’ Signs

If you run a commercial kitchen, put up signs reminding employees not to pour grease down drains in food prep and dishwashing areas. This can reduce the risk of having grease, fats, and oils regularly poured into your drains in a way that affects your grease traps. Should your drains end up being the problem, we can recommend drain snaking in McAdenville, NC.

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Plumbing Connection is the drain cleaning company in McAdenville, NC, you can count on to clean and clear your grease traps. We can also recommend additional maintenance tips beyond what was discussed above.

We specialize in all aspects of drain cleaning in McAdenville, NC. Our drain cleaning services involve hydro jetting, drain snaking, and routine drain inspections.

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