Is Your Drain Issue More Than Just a Clog?

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Is Your Drain Issue More Than Just a Clog?

Drain issues are often out of sight out of mind – at least until a problem develops. Usually, clogged drains can be easily resolved through professional drain cleaning in Belmont, NC. However, if you are currently experiencing recurring clogs, you might need more serious repairs.

Plumbing Connection, the leading plumber in Belmont, NC, explains some of the possible plumbing problems behind recurring clogs:

Does the Clog Keep Coming Back?

If a clogged drain keeps coming back, this is usually a sign that something more significant is going on within your drain or sewer lines. Possible culprits include:

  • Debris that’s deeper within the pipe
  • Pipe narrowing caused by pipe scale along drain line walls
  • Tree roots
  • Structural damage

Are Multiple Drains Affected?

You may benefit from professional drain cleaning services and repairs if multiple drains are affected. Depending on the nature of the issue, we may recommend a full replacement to restore full flow and stop recurring clogs. It’s also possible for blockages to occur deeper within pipes in a way that affects more than one drain.

Is the Clog Combined with Full Backups or Other Issues?

A clog is often a sign of a more serious drain issue if it’s combined with other drain-related problems. For instance, you might have a clog that becomes a full backup, or you may notice foul drain odors, gurgling and other unusual drain sounds, or slow drainage. With situations like this, you can benefit from professional drain snakingor hydro jetting.

Plumbing Connection is the drain cleaning company you can confidently turn to for fast, and reliable plumbing solutions. Our expert team is equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment to provide you with efficient and quality service. Get in touch with our team today to take advantage of our full range of drain cleaning services.

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