Maintenance Tips for Water Filtration Systems

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Water filtration system

At Plumbing Connection, a trusted plumbing company, we often educate our clients on the importance of proper maintenance for their water filtration systems. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your unit works as it should, but it can also help extend its lifespan. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your filtration system is in top shape.

Change the Filters Regularly

Filtration cartridges are manufactured to work for a limited time and have approximate lifespans. Generally, they last approximately six months but can last longer depending on the quality and type of water filters. Be sure to have your water cartridges replaced regularly by an expert in water filtration services.

Have Extra Filters

It might be challenging to track your filter cartridges’ lifespan, but you can usually tell by checking the odor, taste, rate of flow, and clarity of the water. Having a readily available set of extra cartridges is essential in ensuring the quality of your drinking water is maintained. Maintain the efficiency of your water filtration system in Charlotte, NC, by having extra filters on hand.

Clean & Sanitize

Make sure to clean your pleated filters and ceramic filters. You can reuse them up to two times if you wash them thoroughly with clean running water. Also, we recommend draining your storage tanks if you do not require them to use the water. This helps to drain any bad water and maintain the water quality. You can also schedule tank sanitation as part of water treatment services to ensure that your unit functions optimally.

Complement the Water Filter

An essential feature of the filtration system is the RO membrane. It works well against contaminants and hard water but can sometimes be damaged by the minerals in hard water. Therefore, getting a water softener system is recommended to complement your filtration system and keep it running at optimum levels.

Regularly maintaining your water filtration system is a great way to ensure that your home has clean water. For quality water conditioning services, contact Plumbing Connection today.

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