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Each year, more people are becoming concerned about the cleanliness of the water in their homes. Because of this, it has become the norm for homeowners to invest in water filtration services, so clean water can be readily accessed. Plumbing Connection sheds some light on some of the most common myths surrounding water filtration below:

Myth #1: Refrigeration Purifiers Are Enough

Most modern refrigerators come with built-in water purifiers. While they can be great at improving the taste of the water and removing most of the unwanted minerals, they won’t remove all of the impurities and contaminants that can be harmful to you. Refrigeration purifiers are good to have, but they can’t compare to a professional water filtration system in Charlotte, NC that professionals provide.

Myth #2: Water Filtration Is Expensive

Most people avoid investing in water treatment services simply because they think they can’t afford it. Unlike what most people believe, clean water isn’t expensive. In most cases, the annual filter changes cost no more than about $6 every month. In fact, most people spend more money purchasing multiple cases of water bottles each month.

Myth #3: DIY Filters Can Provide the Same Results

For every home issue, there’s always a person that looks towards the DIY route. DIY filters simply aren’t enough to filter out any chemicals or toxins. The best results come from professional-grade materials from a plumber that are capable of catching even the tiniest particles and keeping water clean. Paying for professional water treatment services will save you time, money, and a lot of stress, compared to the DIY method.

Myth #4: Softeners Clean Water Using Salt

In most cases, a water softener system includes a media that helps soften the water. This media is cleaned with a salty brine that is rinsed away after cleaning. This essentially means that the salt is only a secondary part of the entire process. One liter of treated water usually contains less sodium than a slice of bread.

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