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Tips on Maintaining Water Filtration Systems

August 14, 2020

You may not immediately think to call on a plumber in Belmont, NC, from Plumbing Connection if you have water quality concerns, but water filtration can provide many important benefits. If you have already know this and you have a…

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Is It Time for a Residential Repiping?

August 5, 2020

It’s one thing to call on a plumber in Charlotte, NC, from Plumbing Connection to cross plumbing repairs off your to-do list and another thing entirely to go ahead with a residential repiping. We understand this is an investment, but…

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water heater repair in McAdenville, NC

Main Parts of Your Water Heater

July 31, 2020

A common reason to contact a plumber in McAdenville, NC from a trusted company like Plumbing Connection is because of water heater problems. In order to give you a better idea of just what can cause such issues, here’s a…

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Why Is Water Filtration Ideal?

July 23, 2020

From drinking and cooking to washing and bathing, almost everything we do requires water. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that the water in your home is safe and clean. Plumbing Connection offers water treatment services in Belmont, NC…

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Why Bathroom Drains Get Clogged

July 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom drains get clogged so easily? At Plumbing Connection, we want to keep you informed about everything there is to know about your home’s plumbing system. Here are a few tips on how you…

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What Causes Low Water Pressure

July 6, 2020

Dealing with low water pressure can be maddening, especially when trying to accomplish daily tasks. Plumbing Connection is dedicated to providing you with the very best plumbing services in Charlotte, NC. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, one of the…

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