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Water filtration system

Maintenance Tips for Water Filtration Systems

June 29, 2022

At Plumbing Connection, a trusted plumbing company, we often educate our clients on the importance of proper maintenance for their water filtration systems. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your unit works as it should, but it can also help…

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Clogged kitchen sink

Snaking Drains vs Hydro Jetting

June 20, 2022

Many homeowners use chemical cleaners to fix clogs in their drains. However, these chemicals often harm drainage systems and sewer lines. If you need drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, contact a professional company like Plumbing Connection. We provide quality services…

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Plumbers digging up a sewer line

Why You Should Work With a Local Plumber

June 13, 2022

It’s a common misconception that local plumbers are more expensive. However, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, a local plumber in Charlotte, NC, often charges less than out-of-town contractors and can provide more personalized services to…

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Sediment buildup on water heater tank

The Harmful Effects of Hard Water

May 30, 2022

Plumbing Connections defines “hard water” as water with high concentration of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium. While hard water isn’t necessarily harmful, a home with hard water can suffer from several negative impacts. A water filtration system in Charlotte, NC,…

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Leaking water heater

What Causes Sediment Buildup in Water Heaters

May 30, 2022

Every month, our Plumbing Connection team deals with one or more calls for water heater repair in Charlotte, NC. Many of those emergencies involve sediment buildup. When not resolved right away, these sediments can cause water temperatures to change drastically,…

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Person plunging sink

Debunking Top Misconceptions About Drain Cleaning

May 13, 2022

At Plumbing Connection, we’ve seen and heard a lot of strange things when providing drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC. We’ve heard statements that consumer-based clog and pipe cleaning solutions perform as well as professional tools. It’s time to set the…

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