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Plumber talking to homeowner Gastonia, NC

Plumbing Company Green Flags To Look For

September 29, 2023

When you need a reliable plumber in Gastonia, NC, it’s important to do proper research before hiring one. This is to ensure that the plumber you work with can provide quality services and stand by their work in case problems…

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Clogged bathroom drain Charlotte, NC

The Risks of Postponing Drain Cleaning

September 25, 2023

Your drains should be kept clear to ensure that water can properly flow in your plumbing fixtures. If you have a clog, you can rely on Plumbing Connection to provide you with professional drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC. We share…

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Water filtration system replacement McAdenville, NC

How to Know When to Replace Your Water Filtration System

September 19, 2023

A water filtration system is an essential component of any home, ensuring that you have access to clean and safe drinking water. However, like any appliance, water filtration systems have a limited lifespan. Knowing when it’s time to replace your…

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Corroded anode rod Belmont, NC

What Does the Anode Rod Do?

September 15, 2023

Rust in your water heater can be extremely damaging. This is why traditional heaters have an anode rod installed, to protect your heater from rust and corrosion. While most anode rods come pre-installed, these won’t last forever and would need…

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Sediment buildup in water heater Gastonia, NC

Tips to Prevent Common Water Heater Problems

August 31, 2023

As your trusted water heater services provider, Plumbing Connection understands the importance of a reliable and efficient hot water supply. To ensure your water heater operates smoothly year-round, our experts have compiled some indispensable tips to help prevent common water…

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Pouring vinegar down the clogged sink Belmont, NC

Why Drain Cleaning Methods Don’t Work

August 29, 2023

At Plumbing Connection, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that clogged drains can bring to your daily routine. While DIY drain cleaning methods might seem like a quick fix, they often fall short of providing a lasting solution. As experts…

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