Red Flags That Mean You Need a Water Filtration System

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Red Flags That Mean You Need a Water Filtration System

Having a clean source of water is essential to daily living. So if your household’s water supply gets contaminated, the impact will definitely be felt. To avoid consuming contaminated water, keep an eye on these red flags that indicate the need to install a water filtration system in Gastonia, NC.

Change in Water Taste

Municipal water systems remove harmful toxins from the tap water flowing to your home. However, if the water contains high levels of minerals or chlorine, it could still have a bad taste. Instead of putting up with the bad-tasting water, why not install a water softener system to soften and filter the mineral-packed water?

Your Household Water Comes from a Well

Some years back, well water was considered the best as it not only tasted great but was the purest. Sadly, with the extreme use of chemicals and pesticides, the water in wells has become contaminated and unhealthy for consumption. If you’re using well water, consider consulting water treatment services. They can help install reverse osmosis or carbon filtration systems to filter the water of all contaminants.

Limescale on Plumbing Fixtures

The formation of limescale on plumbing fixtures indicates the presence of hardness in the water. In other words, if white crusty substances start forming on your tubs, faucets, and sinks, it’s a telltale that you should install a water softener. Work with a qualified plumber in Gastonia, NC, to discover and install an eco-friendly water conditioner and softener.

Stains on Surfaces, Dishes, and Clothes

Washing machines and dishwashers can clean virtually any dirt element from clothes and dishes. However, they can’t remove contaminants and other elements contained in your household water. If you notice stains on your surfaces and clothes after washing, it’s time you sought water filtration services to get a system installed.

Many telltales can indicate the pressing need to have a water filtration system installed. Call us or fill out our contact form today for all your water conditioning and softening system installation needs. At Plumbing Connection, it’s just that simple!

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