Sure Signs You’ll Soon Have Sewer Backup

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Sure Signs You’ll Soon Have Sewer Backup

Sewer lines can handle tons of waste. However, they may not always work as well as you would expect. When a sewer line fails, it causes sewage to back up in your home which will be quite costly to repair! At Plumbing Connection, we want to help you identify the common issues that signal you have a sewer backup on your hands.

Watch out for these signs and call your plumbing company when you see them!

Bad Odors

Unusual foul odors often mean it’s time to call a plumber in Belmont, NC. It’s a particular red flag if it comes from more than one drain in your home. This means that waste isn’t leaving your home as quickly as it should and you could have a full-blown backup soon.

Water in Your Washing Machine

The drains in your home operate independently. For instance, your washing machine has a drain that pushes out the water you use for washing. If you notice water at the bottom of the machine after someone takes a shower, it may indicate a clogged sewer line.

Slow Draining

Though you may not necessarily want to call emergency plumbing crews for poor-performing drains, the fact is they will get worse sooner rather than later. Soon you may have standing water in your shower or sinks that never seem to empty. Slow drains are an early sign that you have a clog that could lead to sewer backup in the future.

Gurgling Noises

Another sign to keep an eye out for includes strange noises coming from your toilet. When you flush the tank, listen for a gurgling noise coming from it. These noises show that you need to hire plumbing services to repair the sewer clog before it becomes worse.

Why worry about sewage backing up in your home and all of the repairs that will require? Keep them at bay today! Contact Plumbing Connection today for help with your sewer line and any other plumbing repairs.

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