The Advantages of an Electric Water Heater

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The Advantages of an Electric Water Heater

The type of water heater you choose for your home can significantly affect your overall monthly energy bills. Often, water heating accounts for the largest share of home expenses for most homeowners. At Plumbing Connection, we offer quality water heater repair in Belmont, NC, to help keep your unit in great working condition. Below are the main advantages of choosing an electric heater for your home.

1.  Low Initial Cost

A tankless water heater is often available at a relatively lower initial purchase cost. Usually, gas-powered water heaters are relatively more costly than electric ones. Additionally, the installation of gas-powered heaters is more costly compared to electric water heaters.

2.  They are Relatively Safer

Electric water heaters have an intrinsic benefit over gas-powered ones as they are often safer to install. Gas-powered heaters may pose some risk for leakages, which may require you to be careful during water heater installation. However, electric water heaters don’t require such safety measures.

3.  They are Durable

Most electric water heaters are more durable compared to gas-powered models. This means once you acquire yours, you won’t need a water heater replacement any soon, giving value for your money.

4.  They are Efficient

The most effective way to contrast the efficiencies of different water heaters is to check their energy factors (EF). The EF estimates the effectiveness of a water heater when warming the water. That is, it’s a measure of the amount of fuel or electricity needed to warm the water. The more efficient the water heater is, the higher its EF number will be.

At Plumbing Connection, we offer quality water heater services at competitive rates. We have years of experience in water heater services for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial setups. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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