Tips on Maintaining Water Filtration Systems

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You may not immediately think to call on a plumber in Belmont, NC, from Plumbing Connection if you have water quality concerns, but water filtration can provide many important benefits. If you have already know this and you have a water filtration system, keep reading for some tips on how to maintain it.

Develop a Regular Cleaning Routine

A water filtration system in Belmont, NC, is like anything else plumbing-related in that regular attention is needed to keep everything working right. With a water filtration system, regular cleaning, which should be done every week or so, involves:

  • Cleaning all elements of the system
  • Inspecting visible parts as you clean
  • Sanitizing the water dispenser, line, and cap assembly

Watch Out for Salt Buildup

If you invested in a newer water softener system in Belmont, NC, it’s likely highly efficient at removing excess salt from water. While this is a good thing, the salt being pulled from your water may form a blockage in your system.

Reduce your risk of needing emergency water treatment services in Belmont, NC, because of a clog or blockage by monitoring your water filter. Minimize salt accumulation by switching off your system when you clean the filter. Remove as much salt as you can and use hot water to dissolve any blockages.

Know When to Change Filter Cartridges

Another way to maintain a water filtration system is to regularly change the filter. The control unit on your system should indicate when the filter needs to be changed. Some systems do this with daily status displays, while others change read out colors. Further reduce your risk of forgetting to change filters by jotting down the date each time you change one.

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For reliable water conditioning in Belmont, NC, look no further than Plumbing Connection. While the maintenance tips discussed here can certainly keep your system working as expected, it’s just as important to seek expert assistance if you suspect a problem.

Contact us today to explore our water filtration services in Belmont, NC. At Plumbing Connection, we look forward to addressing your hard water issues and other plumbing-concerns.

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