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At Plumbing Connection, we have noticed an uptick in people concerned about their water’s pH level. And since most people looking into the concept are doing so for the first time, we’re here to help — this article will bring you up to speed on water pH and include numerous useful tips on water filtration system in Gastonia, NC.

What is pH?

The term pH is short for “potential hydrogen”. The concentration of hydrogen in water is what affects its appearance, and makes it look clear and smooth.

Is a High pH Level Bad?

Does hydrogen have a negative effect on water? To keep things simple, hydrogen ions will become faintly acidic when found in large concentrations within water. Not enough to be considered outright poisonous but enough to impact the taste and texture of your drinking water. As a result, most water treatment services consider pH levels a direct reflection of your water’s overall quality.

How Can I Lower My Water’s pH Level?

You can lower your water’s pH level by getting in contact with a professional plumber in Gastonia, NC. Plumbers are a fantastic resource for getting a quick read on your home’s water pH. And they can help you with significantly lowering your water’s pH level as long as the issue isn’t too advanced.

For especially advanced cases of high pH, you’re going to want to install a water softener system. These are systems that filter the hydrogen out of your tap water by way of salt. The salt removes the hydrogen and unwanted minerals from your water only hours after installation.

If your home has hard water, we recommend scheduling water filtration services with our professional team today. Soft, pH-deficient water is better for your hands, skin, and hair when bathing. Most people find it has a more pleasant taste and smoother consistency than high-pH water as well.

Plumbing Connection are experts in water conditioning and can help you deal with your water’s high pH levels. Contact us today for inquiries.

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