What are VOCs?

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When you turn on the water faucet, do you notice a bad smell? Volatile organic compounds could be the cause. At Plumbing Connection, our plumber in McAdenville, NC can test your water to see what’s in it. We install water filtration systems to remove all types of impurities from your home’s water.

What VOCs Are

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemical compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low solubility in water. Most VOCs are man-made, but some naturally occur in water. Luckily, a water filtration system in McAdenville, NC can help you filter out these VOCs.

Where VOCs Come From

VOCs are common in groundwater. They come from runoff and effluent from farms and factories. They also settle out of the air from auto exhaust and manufacturing. VOCs can also come from items in your home. Our water treatment services improve the taste and smell of your water.

Sources of VOCs

In your home, VOCs often come from flooring, adhesives, solvents, furniture, paints, sealants, plastics, fuels and pesticides. When VOCs are in your water, they usually get there from farms, factories, landfills and auto fluid runoff into groundwater systems. Our water filtration services get rid of the VOCs in your water.

Why VOCs Are a Problem

Many VOCs are known carcinogens. They can cause different types of cancer. They can also lead to liver, kidney, bladder, heart and lung diseases. Our water softener system helps keep your water supply clean and safe.

Plumbing Connection is your trusted provider of water conditioning solutions. We install a range of water filtration and conditioning systems. These systems efficiently clean your water. Our plumbers are always available to answer any questions that you have, and we’ll show you how to make the most of your filtration system.

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