What to Check in Your Plumbing System This First Quarter

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Plumbing maintenance checks are crucial to promote the overall efficiency of your system. A proper inspection ensures effective water flow and drainage. Additionally, inspection points out possible issues within the plumbing system before massive damage occurs. At Plumbing Connection, we provide a wide variety of exceptional plumbing services to protect your plumbing system. Below are the top maintenance checks for your plumbing network this first quarter.

  1. Tree Root Growth

Tree root growth in the plumbing network results in immense damage. Tree roots expand inside the water pipes, blocking water drainage. Common issues that arise from root invasion include sewage backup and clogging. Your preferred plumber in Gastonia, NC should check for root invasion in your plumbing system at least once every month. A camera inspection is the most accurate method of detecting tree root infiltration.

In case of invasion, emergency plumbing services will come in handy to correct the mess.

  2. Potential Clogs

Clogged drains exhibit a reduced drainage rate. In worse cases, blocked drains entirely obstruct water flow. If not detected early, a clogged drain leads to recurring blocking issues. Frequent inspection is crucial to identify slow drainage within your plumbing network. Consider consulting our plumbing company to perform professional drain cleaning and to remove the clogs.

  3. Cracks

Cracks and leaks are quite common in the piping system. Ignoring small cracks leads to immense property damage. Moreover, leaks provide a thriving environment for mold and bacteria, exposing you to illness. Make sure to seek professional plumbing repairs once you notice developing cracks.

  4. Corrosion

Rust on the exterior surface of the plumbing system is a sign of decay. Rusting occurs due to continuous exposure to moisture. Rusted pipes are highly prone to breaking and bending. Additionally, check for limescale accumulation in the piping network. If you notice any rust, it’s best if you replace the plumbing system.

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