When Is Drain Snaking Ideal?

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All homeowners have encountered the dreaded clogged drain problem at least once, as it’s one of the most common residential plumbing issues. While this is a minor issue, what usually makes it worse is ignoring the problem and waiting too long to contact a drain cleaning company for the proper solutions.

Plumbing Connection, expert plumber in McAdenville, NC, discusses the situations when drain snaking is ideal below:

Slow Draining Issues

Once a drain gets clogged, the draining will get slower and slower until it doesn’t drain at all. Some clogs can be worked out with some simple tools, while others can be a serious sign of a root issue. Either way, slow drains are always a sign that you need a professional drain cleaning in McAdenville, NC.

Unpleasant Odor Coming From Drains

Old clogs usually contain old food, liquid, or other materials that shouldn’t have been flushed or drained. The longer it sits, the more it will rot until it starts to create an inescapable odor that spreads throughout the home. It is best to seek drain cleaning services as soon as you notice any foul odors from your drains.

Constant Clogs in One or More Drains in the Home

Call a drain cleaning company if you find that multiple drains in the home are clogged or if one drain is constantly clogging no matter how many times you’ve unclogged it. This is usually a sign of a major clog that is sitting deeper in the plumbing system. At this point, your only option is to leave it to the professionals.

Homeowners should always be prompt and attentive when faced with a plumbing issue, especially those that are recurring, to avoid costly repairs. For more information on drain snaking or if you need reliable drain cleaning services, contact the experts at Plumbing Connection today.

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