When to Change Water Filtration Systems

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Your water filtration system in Charlotte, NC plays a vital role in ensuring clean and safe water for your household. Essentially, the water filter eliminates any impurities present in the water, such as chlorine, mercury, and copper. With constant use, the effectiveness of your water filter gradually reduces.

Luckily, Plumbing Connection offers a broad range of impeccable water treatment services. When should you call us for a new water filter? Read the signs below.

  1. Water With Unpleasant Smell

If the water filtration system begins to produce a foul odor, consider getting a replacement. A bad smell arises from a malfunction within the water filter. The smelly odor could be due to various factors, including chlorine. Sulfur contamination also causes the water to emit an egg-like smell. A salty taste means that the water softener system inputs more sodium to neutralize mineral concentration in hard water.

  2. Mold Particles

Another sign that you should change your water filtration system is the presence of molds in filtered water. Essentially, mold particles signify inefficient water conditioning. Molds put you at high risk of catching respiratory diseases. Additionally, molds trigger allergic skin reactions. If you notice black molds in your water, you should get a new filtration system.

  3. Reduced Water Pressure

Decreased pressure in your water filtration system signifies the need for filter replacement. Low pressure occurs due to clogging or leaking in the water filtration system. In case of a leak, work with a professional plumber to repair the damage.

Large particles in the water block the pipes, therefore, hindering the flow of water. Expert water filtration services ensure that water is free from dirt and other particles. Consequently, you can enjoy an optimal flow rate of the water.

  4. Visual Indication

Some water filtration systems come with inbuilt indicators that alert you when the filter requires replacement. These indicator lights also notify you whenever the filter is dirty. Make sure to check your water filter for these indicator lights. Most importantly, go through your filter’s manual to understand how it operates.

If you’re looking for a professional plumber, Plumbing Connection is the name to trust. Contact us today for top-tier water filtration services.

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