Why Kitchen Sinks Are Prone to Clogging

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Taking care of your kitchen sink is just as important as maintaining the major drains in your bathrooms and basement. Unfortunately, kitchen sinks are much more prone to clogging than other drains. Understanding why you may be experiencing a clogged drain in your kitchen frequently can help you address the issue right away. Get in touch with Plumbing Connection when you require proper drain cleaning services in Gastonia, NC, done in a timely manner.

Inconsistent Maintenance

A lack of consistent maintenance of your kitchen sink can quickly lead to a clogged drain in Gastonia, NC, especially if you spend plenty of time cooking and preparing meals near your kitchen sink.


Accidentally dropping items down your kitchen sink while cooking or spending time in your kitchen is not uncommon. You may also find wrappers and other non-food items in your kitchen sink upon repair if they are the culprit of your clog. It is also essential to avoid pouring grease down kitchen sinks, as this is a significant contributor to clogs. You will end up needing drain snaking in Gastonia, NC, from Plumbing Connection.

Improper Use of Garbage Disposal

Improper use of your garbage disposal can quickly lead to jams and clogs, especially when left unattended. Improper use of your garbage disposal will require our expertise in drain cleaning in Gastonia, NC, to minimize additional damage to your kitchen sink, drain, and disposal itself.

Frequent Usage

Because the kitchen is used so frequently, it may require the assistance of our top drain cleaning company in Gastonia, NC, especially when major clogs occur.

Maintaining your kitchen sink and working together with a professional plumber in Gastonia, NC, is a way to prevent major backups, leaks, or significant damage to your drains themselves. By calling on the experts at Plumbing Connection, gain peace of mind while your kitchen sink is repaired and restored in a proper and professional manner. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment with our team.

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