Why Precise Leak Detection is a Must

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One of the common reasons to reach out to a plumber in McAdenville, NC from a trusted company like Plumbing Connection is a leak. In some cases, it’s obvious you have a leak. However, there are times when the true source of a leak can’t be determined easily. With situations like this, precise leak detection is a must. Here’s why.

Undetected Leaks Can Cause Costly Damage

You may find yourself needing more than plumbing repairs if you have a leak that hasn’t been properly and precisely detected. Depending on where the leak is originating from, the excess water could affect your home’s foundation or interior surfaces. This additional damage can quickly become costly.

Undetected Leaks Could Affect Your Health

Leaks are more than just a reason for emergency plumbing when you factor in possible health risks. If leaks aren’t properly detected, especially if they are within your walls or near your ventilation system, you may have issues with mold. The problem with mold is that spores can become airborne and contribute to respiratory issues or exasperate some existing health problems.

Undetected Leaks Can Up Your Utility Bills

Leaks not accurately detected could become a drain on your budget. This can happen as water continues to flow and go where it’s not supposed to. Even a leak not significantly affecting your foundation or other structures can waste water and boost your utility bills.

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