Why You Should Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaners

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Plumbing problems can happen at any moment, often without advance notice. Although you might be tempted to turn to a commercial drain cleaner to fix the problem, it’s better to rely on a professional plumber in McAdenville, NC from Plumbing Connection instead. Here’s why you should avoid commercial drain cleaners.

They Can Damage Your Pipes

Commercial drain cleaners are notorious for causing damage to your pipes and even your septic system. This is due to the number of harsh, harmful chemicals they include. Many of these substances can corrode your pipe’s interior, which can lead to even more costly problems. Investing in professional drain cleaning in McAdenville, NC ensures that your pipes are cleaned gently and effectively.

They Don’t Always Work

Chemical drain cleaners are not always effective. Even when they are, that might be short-lived and you can see a problem with a clogged drain all over again. It’s not worth the added stress and expense. Professional drain cleaning services in McAdenville, NC can effectively fix your plumbing issues so you can have the peace of mind that comes with clean and smooth-flowing drains. You can also save a good amount of money by paying for the professional’s services instead of throwing away cash on a commercial drain cleaner that isn’t always effective, especially when dealing with particularly stubborn clogs.

They Pose Health Hazards

Another good reason to have a professional come to fix your clogged drain in McAdenville, NC is that it is safer. Commercial drain cleaners are highly toxic due to their chemical contents. Regardless of where you use them, they can pose a health risk to your family as you breathe in the chemical fumes they emit. Additionally, if you accidentally spill the cleaner and it gets on your skin, you risk getting chemical burns.

They Can’t Access All Areas of Your System

Finally, commercial drain cleaners can’t always get to all areas where you have a problem. Often, drain snaking in McAdenville, NC is the best option for tackling clogs that are deeply logged inside your pipes.

If you live in North Carolina and need a drain cleaning company in McAdenville, NC to fix your plumbing problem, contact Plumbing Connection at your earliest convenience.

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