Why You Should Never Use DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning on Your Pipes

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When it comes to your drains, it’s best to leave repairs to the professionals. A clogged kitchen or bathroom drain is frustrating, but DIY methods can cause more harm than good. Unclogging and cleaning your drain line is more complicated than you may think, and it requires some degree of professional knowledge. That’s why it’s best to leave drain cleanings to the professionals at Plumbing Connection.

Don’t believe us? Here are three bad things that can happen thanks to your DIY drain cleaning method.

  1. You Damage Your Drain Line 1 When people who aren’t familiar with their pipes try to treat them, they cause more damage. Household cleaners may break up a clog, but the chemicals in them harm your pipes. They eat away at your lining and damage your plumbing system’s structure. This leads to more clogs forming later thanks to your weakened drain line. Save yourself the trouble later by hiring a professional drain cleaner.
  2. You Don’t Repair the Whole Issue 2 You may think your drains are just clogged, but what if the problem runs deeper? Professionals use sewer camera inspection equipment to get a visual of what’s going on in your drains. This way, technicians can repair all issues, not just ones that appear on the surface. If you assume your drains are clogged, you could be missing a larger problem developing deep within your pipes. Fast repairs are the best way to ensure a healthy and long-lasting pipeline. By leaving undetected issues untreated, you put your drain and plumbing system at a higher risk of long-term damage.
  3. You Waste Your Time 3 DIY methods may look quick and easy on Youtube, but they’re time-consuming for the average homeowner. Instead of spending hours trying to repair your drain, call a professional. Most local teams can send someone over the same day, so your drain is restored in no time. Instead of wasting your day fixing the issue, a specialist can make appropriate adjustments within an hour’s time. Time is precious, so don’t waste yours.


Leave the drain cleaning to us! Plumbing Connection is your go-to drain cleaning team in North Carolina. Give us a call, and we’ll be out to your property to resolve your drain issues before you know it.

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