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Plumbing Connection North Carolina
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Plumbing Connection delivers practical solutions to plumbing problems in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We are experienced professionals able to handle residential, commercial or industrial concerns. In our business, customer service is a top priority. Regardless of the size of your job, we will be there to handle it with the utmost of care and concern. Understanding the potential damage of emergency situations, we are available around the clock and will be at your location when you need us.

We Quickly Resolve Plumbing Problems

Trenchless Technology allows our team of professionals to resolve your plumbing issues with as little disruption as possible. This gives us the option of providing cost effective strategies in a timely manner. Our company can identify and resolve water leaks, so you and your family can avoid the potential dangers of mold. Even deeply hidden problems can be found with our specialized equipment. We understand how to address broken pipes, clogged drains and aging water heaters.

We Understand a Variety of Plumbing Problems

Tree roots can shift because of changing weather conditions. Our knowledge, experience and technology give us the ability to clear roots and debris from your pipes in a fast and non-toxic method. Utilizing hydro jetting, a method using high pressure water, is the modern way of addressing this problem with minimal disruption to your property.

The last thing anyone wants is a problem with their sewer lines. Plumbing Connection knows how to resolve these types of concerns in quick, reasonably priced, and respectful ways. Our pump and sewer services will be there when your home or business needs us. Living where we do brings about certain concerns. Heavy rains can cause flooding in basements, drain clogs and sewer backups. Our technicians are available to help you address these concerns as quickly as possible.

We are Committed to Eco-Friendly Plumbing Services

Our business is committed to supporting the environment. We focus on reducing water usage, recycling materials and using only the best in non-toxic products and equipment. Our founder, office staff and plumbers are committed to our customers. Plumbing problems can affect the health, safety and productivity of the community. We are here to support you with your plumbing needs. Give us a call today!

Plumbing Connection North Carolina
Call 704-825-9399 North Carolina's #1 Service Company!

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