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Clogged Drains

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Clogged drains are among one of the most unpleasant home maintenance scenarios. The nasty odors are intensified by stagnant water around drains that cause grief to daily routines. It takes the assistance of a sewer line specialist who has a passion for clean and lively homes to restore drain clogs. At Plumbing Connection, we respect the comfort of daily cleaning routines that ensure relaxation and time for recreation after work. We love to provide hands-on tips about how and how not to fix clogged drains!

Step One: Keep Far Away from Drain Cleaning Solutions

Many North Carolina homeowners think that clogged drains are quickly resolved by store-bought cleaners. However, what the manufacturers of these products do not tell us that they only work at the cost of damaging your sewer lines. Like water heaters and AC units, sewer lines are both durable yet easily damaged by unnecessary tampering via do-it-yourself repair services. The chemical properties of store-bought cleaners contain highly corrosive agents that can wear down even a slab of steel. Plumbing Connection prompts you to imagine the effect of dumping an entire bottle of this concoction down a drain. One may perhaps think of how the cleaners will sit deep in the pipes, eventually causing a dangerous pipe leak that could destroy floorboards in the basement along with entire sections of the sewer line. We recommend talking to us about our cleaning procedures—such as hydro jetting, which is step number two.

Step Two: Allow us to Conduct Drain Cleaning

Plumbing Connection never handles store-bought cleaners for a good reason. In fact, we advise North Carolina residents to safely dispose of them at their convenience and keep them far away from their sewer lines. With an array of drain cleaning options, store-bought cleaners ought to be considered obsolete and unnecessary.

With the hydro jetting package, we typically conduct a sewer camera inspection to discover the area and scale of drain clogs. Some may spread across several feet of sewer lines and be more than six inches thick. The hydro jet can dislodge these deep and problematic clogs by pushing them out with a blast of water. Even tougher sources of clogs like tree roots are no match for the hydro jet, which is among the most reliable form of drain cleaning. If steel or cast-iron pipes have long been worn down by DIY cleaners or age, we have a descaling device to capture and break up grime. Most of the time, hydro jetting will do the trick but there are always other cleaning options if homeowners are interested.

Step Three: Contact us Today

Plumbing Connection cannot stress enough that do-it-yourself cleaning methods may seem simple and easy at the moment, but compound maintenance costs in the long run. We care about the well-being of our clients and always strive to conduct cleaning services with honesty and integrity. Our plumbers are always drained about safety and will never use these cleaners to solve plumbing problems. Even if clogged pipes indicate a larger sewer line issues, like the problem of tree roots, we will keenly work with you to get your sewer lines and daily life back to normal!

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