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Old Pipes

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Just like the rest of your home, your pipes show signs of aging as they get older. Plumbing Connection restores deteriorating pipelines in North Carolina by replacing old pipes with fresh, new ones. While you may think pipe replacement is a tedious and expensive process, our trenchless methods make it simple and affordable. If you suspect your pipes are getting worn down and causing plumbing problems, let Plumbing Connection replace them.

Signs of Old Pipes

The most common signs of aging pipes are frequent clogging problems. You may not be flushing harmful materials down your drains, but your plumbing line still clogs. As pipes get older, they corrode and jam easily. Particularly old pipes may even make it difficult to break up blockages because the clog is deep within the pipe. The best way to restore your pipeline is to replace old vessels with new ones that are more durable.

Another sign of aging pipes is widespread low water pressure and a high water bill. As minerals and corrosion block your waterways, they make it difficult for water to reach all areas of your home. This results in insufficient water pressure. You may also notice as your water pressure decreases, your water bill increases. Corrosion makes it difficult for water to reach its destination, causing appliances to use more water. The end result is an expensive water bill.

Finally, water discoloration occurs due to corroded pipes. Water strips metal from your pipeline and sends it through your faucet. If your water looks rust-colored or has metal pieces floating in it, your pipes need to be replaced. You may also notice your water has a distinct metallic taste. All of these are signs it’s time to call Plumbing Connection to restore your aging pipeline.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Our trained specialists rely on trenchless pipe lining to replace aging residential or commercial sewer lines. Pipe lining requires no excavation or hefty digging. It’s fast, simple, and not disruptive. Instead of digging, we access your pipeline through verified entry points. Our techs use epoxy and custom-designed liners to eliminate corrosion. We use standard liner tubes for straight pipes and flexible tubes for pipes that bend. The epoxy bonds the new liner to your pipe wall. It’s extremely tight, so water cannot enter or escape. The materials cure in 4 to 12 hours, so you can use your plumbing system again. The new pipes are extremely durable and may last over 50 years. After a thorough pipe lining treatment, you won’t have to worry about aging pipes for a long time.

Repair Your Old Pipes

Plumbing Connection is Northampton County’s go-to team. We’re happy to restore and reline aging pipes, so your system runs smoothly. Thanks to our trenchless pipe lining methods, your new channels will be stronger than ever. No more corrosion, clogs, and dirty water for your home! Instead, your water pressure will be more powerful and efficient. When it comes to plumbing fixes, we’re the team you can rely on. Give us a call, and we’ll send our qualified technicians to inspect your pipes and get your plumbing system running better than ever.

Plumbing Connection North Carolina
Call 704-825-9399 North Carolina's #1 Service Company!
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