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Grease Trap Installation & Maintenance Charlotte

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grease trap installation maintenance Charlotte NC

Grease traps in Charlotte, NC, are often installed in restaurant kitchens, commercial cooking facilities, and facility kitchens like schools and hospitals. Grease trap installation and maintenance from Plumbing Connection is your first defense against fats, oils, and grease from entering your plumbing and the nearby sewer system. Large amounts of grease, like that produced in commercial kitchens, call for added defense to keep the pipes clear. Without routine grease trap maintenance, the grease and fats will quickly form large clogs, backing up your plumbing and causing you to shut down the kitchen until repairs can be made.

Professional Grease Trap Maintenance Charlotte, NC

Cleaning a grease trap is not only messy, but the job poses a health hazard to those completing the work. For this reason, it’s necessary to hire professionally trained grease trap maintenance technicians, like those at Plumbing Connection. Due to the damage the grease can cause to a city’s sewage system, most municipalities have strict grease trap regulations in play. The City of Charlotte requires all food service establishment to have a grease and oil interceptor in place and for it to be properly maintained as to avoid the waste from entering the sewage collection system.

It is crucial to only hire a commercial grease trap installation specialist, like Plumbing Connection, when it’s time for a trap installation or routine cleaning. While some municipalities have minimum cleaning requirements, it’s recommended to have your grease trap cleaned at least once a quarter, more as needed.

Why You Need To Maintain Your Grease Trap

While the overall purpose of Charlotte grease trap maintenance is to prevent the waste from clogging your pipes and polluting the sewer system, there are other benefits to scheduling a regular cleaning:

  • Avoid clogs: Proper cleaning of the grease trap allows water and waste materials to flow smoothly. Otherwise, you could face a waste overflow and severe damage to your plumbing.
  • Makes cleaning easier: Routine grease trap cleanings will ensure the waste doesn’t harden inside the trap. When fats and oils are ignored for an extended period of time, the waste can harden and be impossible to remove.
  • Necessary for inspections: North Carolina municipalities will routinely inspect commercial kitchens to ensure the equipment and cleaning procedures are adequate. You could face a penalty or fee if your grease trap is holding excessive waste.
  • Prevents bad smells: As with any waste buildup, grease and oils will begin to rot and create a foul odor. It’s certainly not the type of smell you want in your restaurant or kitchen.
  • Saves money: The cost to have your grease trap maintained regularly is minimal compared to the cost of an emergency plumbing repair and being forced to close your business doors as repairs are made.

Plumbing Connection will install the grease trap in a space that is easy to access for future cleanings and will ensure the installation is covered with the proper permits according to municipality protocol.

Let Us Clean Your Commercial Grease Trap Today

When the professional technicians with Plumbing Connection clean your grease trap, we dispose of the waste in a safe manner that meets all local and state law regulations. Often the grease is repurposed by a recycling facility.

Plumbing Connection technicians are extremely experienced with grease trap installations, repairs, and maintenance. If you’re a business owner in need of Charlotte grease trap installation or cleaning, our technicians can help. Call our courteous staff today to schedule your appointment.

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