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Drain Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Work with a plumber in Charlotte, NC, from Plumbing Connection today to work on your clogged drain issues. Our highly trained, friendly, and professional team specializes in a variety of plumbing areas including drain cleaning, water heaters, repiping, leak detection, and more.

Common Issues that Need Drain Cleaning

Most drains become clogged because of  similar issues. A clogged drain may develop for any number of reasons. If you have children, it is likely certain household items might end up down the sink or in the toilet from time-to-time. Anyone who cooks might inadvertently use the disposal too much or accidentally pour grease down the drain. Hair can be the enemy to all shower drains over time. And flushing ill-advised items down the toilet such as feminine products and dental floss can also lead to drain issues. When you follow the best practices for drain care, you will greatly reduce the risks of drain issues.

Reasons for Regular Drain Cleaning

When you clean your drains regularly, you eliminate preventable plumbing service calls and emergency services that can be costly. Regular, preventative drain cleaning in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding local communities can help eliminate stress in your life and the life of all residents in your home. When your drains operate smoothly it is simply one less hassle in your life.

Clean drains help to keep your pipes in proper working order and prevent corrosion from developing that leads to pricey pipe replacement. Routine drain maintenance and inspection also helps to keep your water safe and clean by preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria from developing in the drains and pipes. And if you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your drains or sewage is backing up, call us immediately as you do have a drain problem.

Professional Drain Cleaning from Plumbing Connection

The way and how often you clean your drains will determine whether or not you require follow-up services. Our expert plumbing team will inspect and diagnose each situation and determine a custom solution based on your exact needs. It is possible that we might start with drain snaking for any stubborn clog and debris. When drain snaking is not the right option, we might use a variety of techniques to clean your drains effectively and efficiently, including hydro jetting.We do not use chemicals and we do not recommend using store-bought drain cleaners at any time.

Plumbing Connection is the top-rated drain cleaning company in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. We proudly invest in our team so that they can provide you with the best quality service around. Our professional and friendly plumbing team spends countless hours in training throughout the year to remain up-to-date on the latest in tools, equipment and drain cleaning techniques.

The Plumbing Connection plumbers are trained to resolve issues the right way the first time so that you do not have to make additional service calls in the near future. We prioritize your health and safety in everything we do and our goal is to provide permanent solutions to any plumbing problem you may have

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Our superior drain cleaning services in Charlotte NC and the neighboring areas will save you time andmoney and simply make your life more convenient. Call us today to schedule your drain cleaning to prevent issues in the future. We also serve the following locations:

Plumbing Connection North Carolina
Call 704-825-9399 North Carolina's #1 Service Company!
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