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Pipe Lining Services in Charlotte, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

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trenchless pipe lining repair Charlotte NC

Pipes can develop leaks for many reasons including the buildup of debris, invasion of tree roots, or the aging and subsequent breakdown of pipe materials. Trenchless Technology (pipeling) can allow for rapid, cost effective and efficient repair of residential and commercial pipelines. Using pipelining, Plumbing Connection can provide quick and affordable solutions.   Pipelining is an efficient solution for repairing or replacing cracked, broken, leaking or root-ravaged pipes, such as damaged residential and commercial sewer lines. It is also used to even out or smooth rough bends and joints. Because there is no digging involved, costly excavation and demolition are no longer necessary. Pipelining materials (epoxy and custom-designed, epoxy-coated liners) are applied with minimal disruption to your property and eliminates serious environmental damage; additionally, whole or partial pipes can be lined and liner can travel under landscaping, sidewalks, buildings, garages, patios, etc. Pipelining is often less expensive than the traditional re-piping alternatives, such as open trench methods and is the best long-term solution to pipe corrosion. Call the Charlotte area pipelining experts to see if this is a good option for you.


Damage to pipelines can happen because of shifts in soil, aging pipe materials, water flow as well as extremes in water pH. Even small leaks can destroy the strongest of metals used in septic and drainage pipes. Blockages, unusual smells, slowed drainage or changes in water color are signs indicating assistance from a plumber is required.


A modern advancement in this type of technology is a process called Pipe Lining. It is a method for fixing or completing replacing a pipe that has been impaired. This method saves the people of Charlotte time and money. Not only is there no open trenching but there is substantially less cost in doing this type of work than traditional means.


If your property is more than 10 years old, pipe-corrosion is probably already in progress. Symptoms include discolored water, stains on sinks and tubs, odors or leaks due, poor water flow, or continuous sewage back-ups. Pipes of all kind can be lined including residential and commercial sewer laterals and drainage pipes from the property to the city main line, roof drainage pipes and storm water collectors, commercial floor drainage pipes in light industry, restaurants, and other businesses, drainage and sewer pipes of all types (including galvanized steel, cast/black iron, copper and concrete pipes),  and pipes with lengths up to 300 feet, bends up to 90 degrees, with blind ends, and diameters from 2″ to 10’. 


Thorough preparation of the existing pipe is necessary, in order to achieve the best results. This includes a quality video camera inspection and cleaning and measuring the pipe’s diameter and length. Large-scale repairs may require the stoppage of water infiltration and bypassing flows in the existing pipes in order to prepare the pipe for the lining process.

The pipeliner is installed by inserting the liner through drain clean-outs or small open entries. In the case of partially damaged drain sections, only the affected beginning of the pipe is repaired. The liner materials are chosen depending on the pipe condition. Standard liner tubes are used for straight pipes and more flexible tubes are used for pipes with acute bends, angles, and transitions.

The epoxy bonds the liner to the pipe wall. This bond creates an extremely tight fit to prevent water from entering or escaping the pipe. Erosion or corrosion from the inside of the pipe is immediately stopped after relining with the pipeliner system. Roots can no longer penetrate a lined pipe. Once a pipe has been lined, it will stay free of root intrusions for the life of the pipe.

The liner and epoxy are cured within 4 to 12 hours. Once cured, service to the pipes will be returned to normal use. 

We have been performing plumbing repairs in Charlotte, NC for many years, and our expertise remains unparalleled.


Pipe Relining, pipelining, and Cured-in-Place Lining (CIPP) are offered by Plumbing Connection.  The process is an efficient choice for properties with large concrete areas and manicured landscaping. It is the process of creating a pipe within a pipe. One or more of our licensed plumbers will use relining materials to mold the inside of the existing pipe to create new, smooth inner walls. The materials are non-hazardous and the process can be performed without digging up the property.

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP)involves an epoxy saturated liner that is pulled into position and cured in place. There are two areas of access required: one to filter in the liner, and the other to actually pull it into place. CIPP has become one of the most popular methods of trenchless pipe lining due to its seamless ability to not cause any damage to the property. Plumbing Connection’s owner and president, Jim Bridges, has been very innovative in his use of this process and he invented a unique technique that bears his name; it is used by other plumbing companies around the country. Trust the leading experts in pipelining in the Charlotte, NC area for all of your pipelining needs. 

 All of our plumbers in Charlotte, NC, are very experienced and can make repairs under buildings, concrete, and asphalt. Our professionals value your time. We want you to know that we will be there when you need us. 

We serve several other locations in North Carolina, including:

Let us show you the options available to you for your plumbing situation. A broken pipe does not have to be a nightmare. Give us a call day or night. We are here for you!

Plumbing Connection North Carolina
Call 704-825-9399 North Carolina's #1 Service Company!
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