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Sewer Camera Inspection in Charlotte, NC and Nearby Areas

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sewer pipe camera inspection Charlotte

A video camera inspection is recommended if you are experiencing sewer or drain clogs over and over again. The sewer inspection will easily find any obstructions, clogs, leaks, offset joints, inadequate-grade pipes, or breakages. Need an efficient way to inspect your sewers and plumbing pipes? Give us a call! We cater to the following service areas:

As an experienced plumber in Charlotte, NC, Plumbing Connection uses state-of-the-art video cameras for a visual inspection of drains and sewer lines that transmit a high-resolution image to the control monitor. Each camera is attached to a rod that flexes to reach anywhere, bending around corners. Video is transmitted in real-time to a monitor where your plumber can view and diagnose the issues within your pipes. After it reaches the blockage point, a Plumbing Connection technician will use the locating device to determine the exact place where the repair or replacement should be done. With a diagnosis that accurate, we can solve your sewer problem quickly and cost-effectively.  This technique also helps identify the source of hidden problems which makes it our preferred maintenance tool.


First, we look for a point of access to the sewer line, such as an accessible cleanout. If no cleanout is present, we will inform you of other options for the video inspection. Note that the sewer pipe must be draining to get a good image on the DVD recording. If there is a blockage in the sewer line, we may power snake or hydro jet the line first to remove the built-up debris.

Next, Plumbing Connection plumbers push the camera through the sewer pipe from the cleanout to the sanitary main, while they closely inspect and comment about any breaks or blockages in the sewer pipeline. The entire inspection is digitally recorded with the technician’s comments and sent to you via email.


The team at Plumbing Connection strongly suggests performing a camera inspection when you begin to notice that your sewer lines are backing up. Camera inspections provide the ability to fully diagnose any issues related to your sewers and are effective for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. Often, tree roots can invade your piping without you knowing, creating obstructions to your water flow that can severely impact your ability to use your utilities. Aging sewer lines can be affected by corrosion and can often dislodge the alignment of your pipes. A camera inspection is the optimal way to identify these and other issues.


While there may be many ways to perform a sewer line inspection, the use of a camera provides an easy way to save time so that your plumbing issues can be solved faster. If your sewer system is out of commission due to lengthy repairs, then you will experience inconvenience whether it is in your home or commercial building. By knowing exactly what problems your pipes have, you can mitigate future disasters by having thorough repairs performed as they are needed. Your plumber will provide a robust assessment that recommends the most cost-effective ways to improve the function of your septic system. A camera inspection is the most ideal way to do that if you want to confirm whether you need plumbing repairs in Charlotte, NC.


  • Diagnosing what kind of sewer or drain problem you are facing
  • Precisely locating the issue instead of guessing and digging
  • Preventing potential sewer line or drain problems
  • Avoiding needless repairs and saving money
  • Proving the problem is solved after the technician is done with the repairs
  • Buying a new property: If you’re planning to purchase a new home or commercial property, it’s advantageous to have a video sewer line inspection done by a Plumbing Connection plumber to check out the plumbing before you close on the property.
  • Finding lost objects like jewelry before they reach the city sewers
  • Locating sewer lines
  • Drainage or blockage issues
  • Determining if you have PVC, Cast Iron, Clay, or Orangeburg Pipe
  • Assessing sewer system connections: with a sewer camera, we can see fittings, tees, and other kinds of connections. We can also use it at the connections to run water. We’re able to see where the water flows to or from and/or if it comes from one line to another.

Sewer pipes work using the power of gravity. The pipes flow downhill so when something goes into the pipe-waste, debris, water-it flows or drains down through your piping system and ultimately ends up at your city’s waste treatment center or septic tank, depending on your particular situation. However, if something is causing your system to not work properly, in most cases we can use a sewer camera to determine what is causing it. Call a Plumbing Connection professional today for a pipe camera inspection at your Greater Charlotte, Gaston County, or Kings Mountain, NC property!

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