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At Plumbing Connection, we are advocates for contaminant-free water for in-home drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing! Most municipalities have tap water with chlorine-levels similar to that in swimming pools.

We can help with a wide variety of water treatment concerns ranging from

  • removal of hardness
  • removal of chlorine or chloramines
  • filtering out iron, lead, arsenic, copper, and hydrogen sulfide
  • removal of VOCs (a very dangerous class of chemicals that evaporate or vaporize quickly)
  • any other contaminant that may be in your water.

Whether you are looking for water treatment for municipal or well water, a residential or a commercial application, we are confident that Plumbing Connection can find the water treatment solution that is right for you!

Water Softener Systems, Water Filtration Options & Other Home Water Treatment Products

Whole-house water filtration system:

Plumbing Connection provides whole-house water filtration systems that are designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, lead, arsenic, copper, hydrogen sulfide, iron, sulfur and other contaminants from your water, land can provide acidity neutralization for your water supply. Some contaminants have the potential to increase your risk of cancer and can severely deteriorate the condition of your plumbing system due to the harsh minerals and acid leaching. A whole-house water filtration system is installed away from sight and clears your water before you use it.

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Why do we not want chlorine in our tap water at home?

  • The skin absorbs the chlorine and other contaminants from the tap water, effectively poisoning the body
  • Chlorinated water accelerates the aging process, similar to the effects of extended exposure to the sun
  • Chlorinated water can deplete the skin of its natural oils that hold moisture in, leading to dry and itchy skin
  • Chlorine not only kills the bad bacteria that can make us sick, but also kills good bacteria on which our bodies rely.

By using a water softener system, it is easy to reduce the risks that hard water poses directly at the source. Our water softeners use a technique called ion exchange which exchange the calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water with potassium and sodium ions. The now soft water produces a better result when used for washing and will leave your bathroom showers and sinks free from soap scum and scale forever.

If access to clean and sparkling drinking water is important to you, then Plumbing Connection can provide your home with a state of the art drinking water system in addition to your whole-house water filtration and conditioning system. Our solutions for delicious drinking water use carbon block filters along with semipermeable reverse osmosis membranes that filter the water directly from the tab or ice dispenser. Filtering at multiple levels, our system is able to remove contaminants, minerals and debris to deliver great tasting water any time you want it. Filtered water is not only refreshing, but also boosts the flavors of any other food or drink items that you make with it. If you would like to purchase a water softener, drinking water system or water filtration system, contact Plumbing Connection today. Serving Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties, we are committed to providing cutting-edge water treatment solutions to residents in Gastonia, Charlotte, Belmont, Kings Mountain, NC.

Benefits of Water Filtration

Our team at Plumbing Connection strives to provide you with practical water purification solutions that you feel comfortable and safe with. Water filtration is an essential aspect of property because it properly cleans water using various methods. The benefits of water purification are great and depend on the type of water filtration system you use or want to install.

Reverse Osmosis is a method of water filtration that uses a fine membrane to filter contaminants and toxic substances present in water. This is the most common type of water filtration system because it saves money and involves simple maintenance.

Carbon Block Filters are also a commonly used method of filtration and is mostly used of drinking water. Carbon block filters can stand alone or be used in conjunction with other forms of water purification systems. It utilizes granular activated carbon and carbon block that are magnets to harmful impurities in water.

Distillation is a water purification process where water is boiled, evaporated, and condensed vapor to become distilled drinking water. This process eradicates any unhealthy substances within your water supply. Distillation is the most natural water purification process.

If you’re interested in purchasing a drinking water system, whole-house water filtration system, or water softener Contact Plumbing Connection today. We proudly provide homeowners throughout the Gaston and Mecklenburg County, NC areas with industry-leading home water treatment solutions.

We at Plumbing Connection are firm advocates for contaminant-free water for in-home drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing.

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